About Us

About us

Welcome to Northview Collegiate

Northview Collegiate (NVC) stands as a distinguished private high school nestled in Toronto, Canada, accredited and sanctioned by the Ontario Ministry of Education under the official number BSID 666857. Committed to delivering superior education, our focus lies in preparing students for triumph.

NVC has been operating since 2015 and has passed several Ministry inspections successfully . It has great success stories and reviews from the alumni



NVC offers diverse Ontario high school credit courses from grades 9 to 12, prioritizing small class sizes for individualized attention and a supportive atmosphere. Providing flexible full-time or part-time options, our continuous intake and personalized schedules accommodate each student's needs. Additionally, we offer tailored support including one-on-one sessions, pre-course preparation, post-course reviews, and comprehensive exam assistance..


Why Choose Us ?

Small class sizes, flexible schedules, and personalized support for academic growth in a nurturing and adaptable educational setting.


Our Mission

Empower students with personalized, flexible learning and comprehensive support for academic excellence in a nurturing environment.


Our vision

Foster academic success through tailored education, embracing individuality within a supportive and adaptable learning community


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