Grade - 11

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Grade - 11

Grade 11 program at North View Collegiate offers a wide range of courses to cater to your interests and aspirations. Whether you’re drawn to the sciences, humanities, arts, or technology, our curriculum provides diverse pathways for you to follow your passions.

At North View Collegiate, we’re committed to providing you with the guidance, resources, and support needed to succeed.

Grade 11 is a transformative year that will prepare you for the final stretch of your high school journey.

Each of these Grade 11 courses is carefully designed to offer students a comprehensive education in their chosen field of study, whether it’s in the sciences, humanities, or practical skills. These courses provide valuable knowledge and skills to prepare students for their future academic and career pursuits.

Grade 11 Curriculum

Grade 11 Compulsory

Grade 11 English focuses on the refinement of critical reading, writing, and communication skills. Students engage with various literary genres, sharpen their analytical thinking, and explore complex texts. Through literary analysis and persuasive writing, students deepen their understanding of English language and literature.

In Grade 11 Mathematics, students build upon their mathematical knowledge, either in the context of functions and relations (MCR3U) or advanced functions (MCF3M). Topics include algebra, trigonometry, and advanced mathematical concepts, preparing students for more complex mathematical studies.

Grade 11 Electives (Choose 6)

Grade 11 Physics explores the fundamental principles of mechanics, electricity, and waves. This course provides a solid foundation in physics concepts, which is essential for further studies in the sciences.

Grade 11 Chemistry delves into chemical reactions, atomic structure, and the periodic table. Students gain a deeper understanding of chemical processes and principles, preparing them for advanced chemistry courses.

Grade 11 Biology explores topics such as biodiversity, genetics, and ecology. Students delve into the complexities of living organisms and ecosystems, building a strong biological foundation.

Grade 11 Law introduces students to the Canadian legal system, criminal and civil law, and legal issues. Through case studies and legal research, students gain insights into the legal framework of society.

Grade 11 Accounting covers fundamental accounting principles, financial statements, and business transactions. This course equips students with essential financial literacy skills.

Film and Photography explores the art of visual storytelling through photography and film production. Students learn about composition, lighting, and digital editing techniques. (Note: Requires additional purchase of Adobe Creative Cloud).

Grade 11 Drama immerses students in advanced theatrical arts, including script analysis, character development, and theatrical productions. Students refine their acting skills and deepen their appreciation for drama.

Grade 11 Visual Arts offers students the opportunity to expand their artistic horizons through various mediums and techniques. Students engage in self-expression and develop advanced artistic skills.

Technological Design focuses on engineering and design principles. Students engage in hands-on projects, developing problem-solving and innovation skills.

Grade 11 Computer Science delves into programming, algorithms, and computer systems. Students enhance their coding skills and gain a deeper understanding of computer technology.

Grade 11 French further develops students’ French language skills, emphasizing communication, reading, and writing. This course continues the exploration of Francophone culture and language.

Grade 11 World Religions explores the diversity of religious beliefs and practices around the world. Students gain insights into the major world religions, fostering cultural understanding and tolerance.

Grade 11 Environmental Sciences delve into environmental issues, sustainability, and ecological systems. Students develop an understanding of environmental challenges and solutions.

Grade 11 Physical Education promotes physical fitness and well-being through a variety of physical activities. Students develop lifelong healthy habits and an appreciation for physical fitness.

Grade 11 Music Theory explores music theory principles, including harmony, composition, and analysis. This course enhances students’ understanding of musical structure.

Grade 11 Music offers students the opportunity to explore advanced musical concepts, including performance, composition, and music history. Students deepen their musical skills and appreciation.

Communications Technology focuses on digital media production, including graphic design, audiovisual production, and digital publishing. (Note: Requires additional purchase of Adobe Creative Cloud).

Grade 11 Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology introduce students to the social sciences, exploring human behavior, culture, and society. Students gain insights into the complexities of human interaction and societal structures.