Grade - 12

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Grade - 12

Grade 12 at Northview Collegiate marks the pinnacle of your high school journey, a year brimming with possibilities, challenges, and accomplishments. It’s your chance to fine-tune your passions and talents, develop critical life skills, and take the final steps toward your post-secondary aspirations.

Our Grade 12 program offers a rich tapestry of courses spanning the arts, sciences, humanities, and technology, allowing you to choose a path that aligns with your dreams.

Our academic offerings, including advanced mathematics and sciences, will deepen your knowledge and foster your analytical thinking, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the rigors of higher education.

Whether you’re an artist, a scientist, a philosopher, or a future leader, Grade 12 at Northview Collegiate School is your platform to shine.

Grade 12 Curriculum

Grade 12 Compulsory

Grade 12 English focuses on advanced literary analysis, critical thinking, and communication skills. Students engage with complex texts, literature, and essay writing, enhancing their proficiency in English language and literature. (Note: Students may choose the AP English option – AP ENG4UP.)

Grade 12 Electives (Choose 7)

Grade 12 Calculus explores advanced calculus topics, including limits, derivatives, and integrals. This course provides a deep understanding of calculus principles. (Note: Students may choose the AP Calculus option – AP MCV4UP.)

Grade 12 Law delves into complex legal issues and topics, including criminal law, civil law, and legal philosophy. Students engage in legal research and analysis.

Grade 12 Advanced Functions builds upon previous mathematical knowledge, exploring advanced algebraic and trigonometric concepts. (Note: Students may choose the AP Advanced Functions option – AP MHF4UP.)

Grade 12 Chemistry delves into advanced chemical concepts, including organic chemistry and equilibrium. Students engage in laboratory experiments and in-depth chemical analysis. (Note: Students may choose the AP Chemistry option – AP SCH4UP.)

Grade 12 Physics explores advanced physics topics, including mechanics, electricity, and modern physics. This course emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving. (Note: Students may choose the AP Physics option – AP SPH4UP.)

Grade 12 Music Theory delves into advanced music theory principles, including composition, analysis, and musical forms. Students enhance their understanding of music structure.

Grade 12 Visual Art offers students the opportunity to create advanced visual art projects, exploring various mediums and techniques. Students develop a portfolio of their artistic work.

Grade 12 AP Art allows students to create advanced art projects while preparing for the AP Art Portfolio. Students develop a portfolio that showcases their artistic skills. (Note: AP Art requires additional preparation and submission of an art portfolio.)

Grade 12 Economics explores economic theory, policy, and contemporary economic issues. Students analyze economic systems and global economic challenges. (Note: Students may choose the AP Economics option – AP CIA4UP.)

Grade 12 Kinesiology focuses on human anatomy, exercise physiology, and sports medicine. Students explore the science behind physical activity and movement.

Grade 12 Drama offers advanced theatrical experiences, including scriptwriting, directing, and advanced acting techniques. Students engage in dramatic productions and explore theatre as an art form.

Grade 12 Data Management explores data analysis, statistics, and probability. Students apply mathematical concepts to real-world data sets.

Grade 12 International Business delves into global business practices, international trade, and globalization. Students gain insights into the complexities of international business.

Grade 12 Business Leadership focuses on leadership theories, management practices, and business ethics. Students develop leadership skills and strategies for success.

Grade 12 French continues to develop students’ French language skills, emphasizing communication, reading, and writing. This course further immerses students in Francophone culture and language.

Grade 12 Biology explores advanced topics in biology, including genetics, evolution, and ecology. Students delve into complex biological concepts. (Note: Students may choose the AP Biology option – AP SBI4UP.)

Grade 12 AP Biology offers an advanced curriculum in biology, covering topics in molecular biology, genetics, and organismal biology. Students prepare for the AP Biology exam. (Note: AP Biology requires additional preparation and AP exam registration.)

Grade 12 Societies Challenge and Change explores the complexities of human society, focusing on social issues, challenges, and global perspectives. Students analyze sociological theories and societal dynamics.

Grade 12 Philosophy engages students in critical thinking and philosophical inquiry. Topics include ethics, metaphysics, and the philosophy of mind.

Grade 12 Families and Societies in Canada explores family dynamics, societal structures, and social issues in the Canadian context.

Film and Photography explores advanced visual storytelling through filmmaking and photography. Students refine their technical skills and artistic vision. (Note: Requires additional purchase of Adobe Creative Cloud.)

Grade 12 Music offers advanced musical experiences, including composition, performance, and music history. Students deepen their musical skills and appreciation.

Grade 12 Music Theory continues to explore advanced music theory principles, including harmony, composition, and analysis. Students enhance their understanding of musical structure.

Grade 12 Physical Education Leadership focuses on leadership skills and strategies in the context of physical education. Students develop leadership qualities and promote active living.

The North View Collegiate Literacy Course is designed for students who have not been successful in the provincial literacy test or for newcomers to Canada who are not eligible to write the Literacy Test. This course focuses on literacy skills and reading comprehension.